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Hi, I'm tif. I'm an aspiring artist who's been hitting buttons on my crappy laptop and seeing what happens since 2016.

I like to work on music, drawing, animation, and graphic design. You can see some of this stuff on other parts of my webpage.

Music projects

The following is a list of my different project aliases, the genre of each project, and their corresponding links. Not all projects have things released for them yet.

.tif vaporwave & drone & downtempo 📝
Phonograph cylinder drone & vaporwave
.ExisT NXC/glitch
Niko downtempo/techno
NXO LITE downtempo/techno again
SSL Deluxx techno/noise
and niko☂ techno+ deep internet
DJ Net Child DJ/collage
Aaaa [B] chiptune
Lelavalon! Gone plunderphonics(?)
{:)}x4 drone
Mother Brain drone
Die Neue Zukunft drone v-^
The Crow Cries downtempo
/DREMR/ drone


I also run a label called Circular읏 (pronounced "Circular D-M-T"). It is dedicated to whatever electronic/experimental I can either make or what people throw at me. If you wish to send me a demo for the label, please contact my e-mail listed in the contact section of this webpage.

Misc. Links

Currently in progress


If you wanted to contact me about any problems with my website, about any music enquiring, or if you want to do a collab/make a group with me, please contact