Hello, my name is Eir. I'm an autistic trans girl and an aspiring artist who has been working on internet art, mainly music, since 2016.

My music project .tif has appeared on netlabels Experimental Records, Tsundere Violence, and Sunset Grid. I have also had music under other aliases released on 7FORM, Cernobog, and Geyser Campfire. My other music projects, including Phonograph cylinder, .ExisT, and others, explore genres such as drone, vaporwave, noise wall, nightcore, and downtempo. I often mark my music on Bandcamp with the tag "autoplay".

I enjoy anime, video games (particularly those like Yume Nikki and old flash stuff), leftfield music, smooth jazz, ytp, and other stuff I can't remember at the moment. God cursed me with a special interest of vaporwave, and now I can no longer hold a decent conversation with most people, but that's a story for another day.