~ Welcome to my site! ~

Hi, my name is Niko, and this is my site!. I more commonly go on-line by the name of something along the lines of tif, however (.tif, crybabytif, tifokyun, etc.). I am an artist, having dabbled over the years in digital drawing, graphic design, web design (of which you can see the fruits of my labor here!), writing, and music production. I'd overall describe myself in my hobbies as akin to a jack of all trades, master of none. Listed below, for your convenience, are my many music aliases. Not all of these have music released for them yet, but I'm working on it!

.tif vaporwave X
Phonograph cylinder drone/vaporwave X
Niko downtempo X
NXO Lite downtempo X
SSL Deluxx noise/techno X
Garageband 2015 midi collage? X
ソッコ vaporwave X
fIowerboi various _
/DREMR/ drone X
{ :) }x4 drone X
youtube.com/channel/GMI353 deep internet _

If you are interested in doing a collab, split, etc., please send me an e-mail at adotiff@gmail.com. If you want to sell me a record deal, don't do it. You're better off finding more talented individuals through the Bandcamp "new arrivals" on the vaporwave tag. I'm saving you from a lot of trouble man, don't go for it.

Btw, if you were wondering, yes this webpage is under construction. I hope that, by this summer, i've got a somewhat permanent layout. Until then, keep a look out for any rubble in this virtual environment. You msy trip and get a virtual concussion or something.