A comprehensive guide to VEKTROID (W.I.P.)


I don't lie when I say that Ramona Xavier, better known by her main alias Vektroid, is one of my favorite musicians and graphic designers of all time. However, something that makes me kinda vexxed is how hard it is to find a place filled with solid information about her. What's even stranger to me is that a lot of information is already floating about on the Internet; it's just all dispersed across archive.org screenshots and relics of an older web. Because of this, I've decided to craft as solid a narrative I can on Ramona, based on all of the facts I can gather. A lot of the early stuff is simply lost to time, but I've noticed that the farther you go on, the more information we know about what Ramona was doing, at least musically. Just a little warning, for if things seem a little bit theory-ey.


Something I want to make clear before the guide ACTUALLY begins is that I'm splitting up Ramona's career into what I call "eras". They make things a lot easier to put together on my part, and they also have a nice feeling to them. I'm breaking down each era mostly by what aliases she was using; however, each era will not be named by alias; it will, instead, be given a name based on the overall atmosphere of the era. Just a heads up, in case anyone's wondering why things are stuctured the way they are.


This era, spanning from 2005-2007, contains her "Vectorfray" and "Vktrfry" aliases, A.K.A. her first two aliases.