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Official links to my albums under the "Phonograph cylinder" alias.

Cake (Single)

Elevator Factory Vol. 1

Subway Tunes (untitled.wav) (Single)

Ishiwa Heisa (the diamond necklace played the pawn) EP

Drunken Stupor EP (w/ Chris Mazur)

Elevator Factory Vol. 2

Vast Darkness Nebula

Swimming in a Peach EP

Classic (Single)

Overcooking Ramen Noodles (WHERE IS THAT RINGING COMING FROM?!?!?!?!?!?) (Single)

into the future

FLORAL SHOPPE 3 (under the sub-alias "PC_2018")



Inverse Flower // Reverse Flower (w/ .tif)

Subway Tunes EP (w/ Die Neue Zukunft)

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