Phonograph cylinder Albums under the moniker of Phonograph cylinder. EPs and Singles are not included.
"Elevator Factory Vol. 1" - Phonograph cylinder
Released 9/3/2016

An ambient album made with the paulstretch tool in Audacity.
"Vast Darkness Nebula" - Phonograph cylinder
Released 3/12/2017

An album I made my recording from my laptop sections of audio that was playing from my CD Player and slowing them down with paulstretch. Not sure if this counts as art or not.
"Floral Shoppe 3" - Phonograph cylinder (under the moniker PC_2018)
Released 1/6/2018

An album made as an attempt to combine the sounds of "FLORAL SHOPPE" by Machintosh Plus and "FLORAL SHOPPE 2" by THE DARKEST FUTURE. It received a good response from some guy on Reddit.
.tif All of the music made under the .tif moniker. No Singles or EPs are included.
"未来はテクノロジーです" - .tif (under the moniker ドリームズ株式会社.TIFF)
Released June 17, 2017

An album made to follow a similar style to "FLORAL SHOPPE 2" by THE DARKEST FUTURE and similar albums. It's trash.
"HAXE.EXE" - .tif (during its having been known as .TIFF)
Released 7/30/2017

I forget what the specific "thing" was for this album. It, I believe, went for a style connected to that of Infinity Frequencies, but I'm not entirely sure, and can't be bothered to actually listen to the album to get a better clue.
"ruins" - .tif
Released 8/25/2017

This album was made as a response to my realization summer was over, and my worry that I would no longer be able to make my beep-boop music for a while. So I made this. not sure if it was a productive day or not, making this.
"RGB | .-. --. -..." - .tif
Released 9/4/2017

This album was an utter mess. I have no idea what I was doing with this, I'm sorry. So, basically, the idea I had was to make an album using practically no samples. Oops. Since I both have no actual understanding of music theory and had no actually good music-developing software to use, I just crapped this out in LMMS. I'm an idiot sometimes. Don't listen to this one, if you actually check out any of these.
"COMING SOON" - .tif
Released 9/15/2017

The entire reason this album even exists is to serve as an apology for the last one. DEAR GOLLY. This one, however, is instead a drone album. I really had NO idea what I was doing, was I?
"Journey to the WEB" - .tif
Released 10/28/2017

This is the first album I believe I ever refered to as an "autoplay" mixtape. The term "autoplay" comes from how mismatched the track selection seemed to me, almost as if I had turned on the autoplay feature on YouTube. It doesn't make too much sense to me either when I look back on it.
Released 11/16/2017

An album that's kinda like ECCOJAMS, but worse.
"MANTYKE-WAVE // 私はあなたが眠るのを見ます。" - .tif (under the moniker memeing about.tif)
Released 11/23/2017

An album that samples nearly entirely Pokemon-related media.
"うつ病CHRISTMAS albyum dexule buy our merrch !!!1" - .tif (under the moniker SUPER COOL DUDE .tif 1995うつ病)
Released 12/16/2017

A dumb meme christmas album.
"TIME CUBE" - .tif
Released 12/24/2017

An album I made filled with dissonant sounds because I was obsessed with the Time Cube.
"AUTOPLAY" - .tif
Released 1/26/2018

Part one of my "AUTOPLAY//をオンにする" series.
"Waiting to connect..." - .tif
Released 1/20/2018

An small album I made for fun inbetween the AUTPLAY//をオンにする albums.
"をオンにする" - .tif
Released 4/1/2018

Part two of my "AUTOPLAY//をオンにする" series.